How to make a mirror image in Photoshop

How to Make a Mirror Image in Photoshop?

If you are looking to gather some information in regards to creating a mirror image in Photoshop then this article will be suitable for you. Step by step information has been mentioned which will make you capable of doing mirror images in Photoshop. Let us get started with the steps:

Step1: A blank document creation

A blank document creation

Click on the File Menu and then choose New. A new file will appear on the screen, set the dimensions based on the requirement. The new file can also be opened by giving the command of Ctrl+N in windows. Mac users can open a new file by pressing Command+N. After setting the size, press Ok and then move to step 2

Step 2: Copy the photo into the new blank document

Copy the photo into the new blank document

Now under step 2, you are required to add the selected photo for which mirror image is needed to create. The copy and paste are the simplest and easiest to do. Hence add the image in the new document. After that click on the Select option and then go to the all to place a selection outline around the entire image. Choose the Copy option from the Edit menu for the shortcut purpose which will be used during the process of mirror imaging in Photoshop.

Step 3: Editing of Image which is added

If needed, you can edit the size and position of the image for improvisation purposes because after that editing of the image will be a little complex, hence if the editing of an image is needed then one can do the same at this stage. The free Transform command can be used in order to edit the image. If the size of the image is too big then simply go to the VIEW option and click on the "Fit to Screen" option. The shortcut key to do the same is Ctrl+0 for Windows users and Command+0 for Mac users.

If resizing of the image is needed then the user should hold on the SHIFT key then pull the corners inward until you get the required size. By holding the Shift key one can manage the aspect ratio of the image. So in these ways, the user will be able to edit the image in preferred size and resolution.

Step 4: At the middle of the document, add a vertical guide

At the middle of the document, add a vertical guide

Here you need to gather everything which needs to get mirrored on the one side the same as the mirror. The vertical guide will bifurcate them in two halves which will ease the task and the user will have some idea about the area of all. Guide can be added by clicking on View and then choosing New Guide. The guide will get reflected over the image in which a dialogue box will be appearing. Put 50% for the position option so that it comes exactly on the center. The guide is not the printing element, so not get worried that it will be on the image. It is added only for the idea, or you can say it acts as a marker only. Once all done, click on OK and move to step 5.

Step 5: Place the main subject on either side of the guide

Place the main subject on either side of the guide

Now after completion of step 5, collect the material on one side of the guide so that a separation could be visible. The guide will be the mirror point and on its another side the mirror image will take place. You can move the image by choosing the MOVE tool from the options reflected in the left-hand side of the software. With the help of the tool, you will be able to move the image to anywhere inside the document. Now let us move towards step 6

Step 6: Pull or Push the selected portion at the required side

In this step, one needs to move the selection to the side where you want to create the mirror image in Photoshop. This can be done by selecting the Marquee tool and it exists in the same window where you have got the Marquee tool. Also, you can add by pressing the M letter from the keyboard. Once done, select the entire half portion of the document for which mirror image is being created and move to step 7.

Step 7: Add the selected portion

Add the selected portion

Now under step 7, you need to paste the selected portion of step 6 in the new layer. Windows users can do it by pressing Ctrl+J and Mac Users can do the same by using Command+J. Both layers should be above and below each other because it will ease the task of mirror imaging. Once you will be in synch with layer 1 and layer 2 then move on to step 8.

Step 8: Flip the image and create a mirror image

Flip the image and create a mirror image

Now, this is the last step where we need to finally give shape to the image to create a mirror image. Here you need to do a flip of "Layer 2" in a horizontal way. Also, mark the vertical center highlighted to reflect the flip point so that the center position could be defined. To do this, Windows users should use the command of Ctrl+T and Mac users can do the same by pressing Command+T. It will transform the image of layer 2 hence whichever place you have chosen for mirror image creation. That target symbol represents the rotation point for the Free Transform command. By default, it's located in the center of the Free Transform box, but we can move it anywhere we want.

Hence the person will be basically needed to click on EDIT-→ Transform-→ Flip Horizontal. This will be a step of clicks to flip the image of layer 2.

Flip the image and create a mirror image

After this, now layer 2 will be the perfect copy of layer 1 and hence the mirror image has been created by Photoshop. Now go to the View, and click on remove guides so that all lines of guides will be removed. Also if you forget the same, even then not to worry much because guides are not printable.

So guys, save your file as we are now done with the process of creating a mirror image. Also if in case of any query, get in touch with Fruxinfo Pvt Ltd. web design agency and discuss in detail.

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