Role of a graphic designer in developing the website

Role of a Graphic Designer in Developing the Website

A website without graphics is the same as a home just created with bricks. We all are fond of decoration because it attracts one's mind and gives positive vibes. Same goes with the design of the website. Suppose your website is multifunctional, fast, secure and easy to use. But the people will prefer the other site which has an attractive user interface. Here comes the role of the graphic designer in developing the website. A graphic designer is responsible for making a website attractive and unique so that people come over the website again and again.

Further, the design is the base of any website because whenever someone wants to create any website then he or she finalizes the look and feel of the site along with logo, banners and other creative graphics. All these creations are designed by a graphic design company who keeps the client's input in mind while creating the graphics. The color combination should be based on the theme so that a synchronized decorum could be maintained with the complete site. So guys if you are planning to develop your own site then always try to make the design unique and easy to understand so that end-users could create their connection with your website.

Also, here we are mentioning the role of a graphic designer in developing the website:

Conceptualization to Conversion:

Conceptualization to Conversion

The very first stage of website creation is the base idea of it. The graphic designer is given detailed information about the requirements of a website which needs to be created. Based on that information the designer creates a baseline design which reflects the requirements on the design. If any changes are required, it is managed by the designer only other than that now we are set to start the work of development for the website.

Creation of graphics like Logo, Banners, Posters and Images:

Creation of graphics like Logo, Banners, Posters, and Images

Graphic designer is responsible for the creation of logos, banners, posters and relevant images for the website. All the images should be unique in nature, if it is copied from any other source then there will be an issue of copyright and also the reputation on the search engine will get compromised. Hence always check whether the creative like logo, banners etc... are unique in nature or not. Research more and more on new ideas so that a unique output can be obtained.

Finalization of color combination to match the theme:

Finalization of color combination to match the theme

Graphic Designer controls the design of the whole website where he has to maintain the color synchronization of the website. The color should be uniform rather than scattered. It shows discipline on the website. Hence the graphic designer is also responsible to maintain the decorum of color in the web pages and all other mentioned creative.

Responsiveness of Website:

Responsiveness of Website

We do not know about the device and browser on which the end-user will browse the website. Sometimes website design gets disturbed on other devices hence it comes under the responsibility of the graphic designer to maintain the responsiveness of the website so that the website performs uniformly on all devices and all browsers.

Tests the compatibility of design at all resolutions:

Tests the compatibility of design at all resolutions

The resolution of design should not get disturbed hence a graphic designer should maintain the resolution level of the website so that without any disturbance it could perform smoothly.

Hence these are the responsibilities and role of the graphic designer in the website. They are the base of the website and their creativity can do wonders. Hope you have some idea about their role. Stay tuned with Fruxinfo Pvt Ltd. for all the other updates. Maintain the connection!!!

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