1.Fruxinfo Info Pvt Ltd is offering their services and products as per the norms of mentioned in the terms and conditions This terms and conditions will act as a legal contract between our client and Fruxinfo Pvt Ltd After expiration of the quotation period, the contract will be set as ‘null’ & ‘void’ as it will be considered as a lapse of the quotation form. Any further additions of conditions are hereafter proposed by the client, shall be ob- jected by the Fruxinfo Pvt Ltd. All terms and conditions must be accepted by both the par- ties in writing along with signature

2.The proposed quotation shall be valid only for 15 days and once the expiration of the quote occurs then it will be discarded not placed on the web portal. The expiry date has been mentioned in the quotation so that it makes us aware of the period of expiration.

3.Once the quote is approved by both the parties (Fruxinfo Pvt Ltd and client) after all the possible negotiations then it will be locked as the final budget of the project.

4.The final cost of the project may vary if there is any change in the requirement is requested by the client in regards to service or products. Fruxinfo Pvt shall have the right to change the quote based on the proposed changes of either service or products.

5.Once the final budget is locked, upon the mutual understanding of both the parties and after that if any further changes or requirement comes in regards to products or services, then it will be chargeable based on prevailing rate.

6.Once the project is sanctioned by approving the final budget from your end, then it will be a confirmed order, and it will follow the policies of sales in which there is ‘no refund’ clause and that will be applied on confirmed order. Viewer, Subcriber are dependent on content. Fruxinfo pvt ltd never take responsibility for increase in popolarity.

7.‘We’ at Fruxinfo Pvt Ltd offers free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and we shall not be responsible to maintain the service for this extra facility.

8.‘We’, Fruxinfo Pvt Ltd purchases domains, hosting and email kind of services from third-party vendors on the behalf of the client, hence we shall not be responsible for their services of products if in case any causes/damages occur.

9.This Project is totally time based Project

10.Timeline for the project will be dependent upon the inputs provided by the clients and these inputs shall be taken only in-office hours.

11.Legal Agreement: ‘We’, Fruxinfo Pvt Ltd follows the law as per the Gujrat high court hence our client must follow the same.

12.There is an 2 month of Advance before starting the project

13.There is an minimum 6 month of Aggrement

14.Date of payment is between 1st to 5th Date of the Month

15.Our team is totaly working According to your Team and Continues co-ordinate with your team

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