What is JavaScript? Benefits of JavaScript

What is JavaScript? Benefits of JavaScript

JavaScript is an easy and effective programming language which is being used almost during all kind of software and web development. The use of JavaScript extends the feasibility to add more functionality into the online product and it makes the user experience better. Lots of websites are developed using third party services and JavaScript is very much compatible with those applications and supports in extending their features as well. The major role of JavaScript is seen during the use of visual effects, processing and calculating data on the web page. Hence in order to have a well developed online product, one should implement JavaScript in their programming language.

Code of JavaScript along with HTML

< HTML >

< body >

< scriptlanguage="javascript"type="text/javascript" >

< !- -

      document.write("Hello World!" )

//-- >

< /script >

< /body >

< /html >

OUTPUT: Hello World

Here we will explore the benefits of JavaScript language and how it plays an important role in the online product.

Benefits of JavaScript:

Speed: JavaScript works with speed at client side which engages the users with the website. As an end user we always prefer the website which works with speed. There is a need for compilation by the JavaScript at client side hence it makes the site fast.

Simple to learn: Having flexibility in nature, the scripting language is very easy to grasp and implement. Anyone can learn the same in few days and start working as a programmer

Most known and used coding language: Nowadays almost 99% of the websites are created using the Java Scripting concept which not only makes the appearance of the website best but also enhance the probability of user engagement with beautiful web design layout.

Compatible: JavaScript is compatible with almost all other programming languages and has a wide range of scopes. JavaScript is independent of the file extension and all type developers are free to access the scripting languages to make their web platform more comfortable and user friendly.

Light load: As mentioned above, the scripting language does not require compilation at client side and as a result of which the load at the server is not that much. If your server does not have much load, then the execution of the online platform will be fast and active. Hence use of JavaScript abides the heavy load at the server. It is beneficial to SEO of the website.

Effective Interface: JavaScript allows the websites to get created in a quick and effective way. Its drag and drop components make it easy to use and provide a rich interface.

Enhanced Functionality: JavaScript has the feature to enhance the features with thirty party add-ons. It makes the web pages more versatile and creative. Nowadays developers always implement such feature.

Hence these are the features of JavaScript which makes your website extra special and effective. Fruxinfo Pvt Ltd. ensures all possible technical aspects to embed while developing and deigning the products of our clients. We do not compromise with the solutions which we offer. Our technical concepts are always in flow to aware the world as nowadays technology is enhancing with rapid rate. Our approach is always based on the most advanced technical concept hence by assigning your project to us you are just getting a guarantee of quick delivery.

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