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Job Description:

We're recruiting for the right candidates who can work as a web designer and UI/UX Designer to help us transform our software into user-friendly solutions for our clients. Gathering user requirements, developing graphic elements, and building navigation components and will be in charge of creating website design for our clients. Primary responsibilities include developing and implementing creative concepts for client websites, as well as generating visual aspects that match our clients' brand. Expertise in HTML5, Bootstrap4, Jquery, Telwind, and CSS Responsive. Create and maintain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code that are reusable.

Job Requirement:
A]  Proficiency in graphic design software including visual        design tools.
B]  Proficiency in front-end development web programming        languages
C]  Excellent visual of Tailwind CSS, parilex.
D]  Good understanding of content management systems.
E]  Good understanding of search engine optimization principles.
F]  Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues.
G]  Excellent visual design skills.
H]  Creative and open to new ideas.
I]  Adaptable and willing to learn new techniques.
J]  Excellent communication skills.

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