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Revised Terms and Conditions

Proposal Validity

Proposal is valid up to 15 days from specified date as of when communication is initiated as per terms of engagement and signed contract. The request remains unchanged in regard to content of agreement, terms specified, financial, and technical aspects of it therein. However, after the elapse of stated period, alterations might be considered for mutual contractual agreements as per prevailing law. Change of proposal before the elapse of the 15-day period is unlawful and totally unacceptable.

No Refund Policy

Our no return policy is created and defined by legal terms of engagement "as is" in regard to digital products sold and services rendered by our company. Once the contract is signed, it is upon the parties involved to work on, cater for, and thereof, deliver as per specific quantifiable project requirements. In order not to be entangled in unforeseen legal tussles, our company (as a legal entity), will by no means offer a refund based on signed contract whatsoever.

Development project mobile application

Our company accepts and applies a 15 % annual maintenance fee in development project mobile application. All of which is based on professional support and criticality of the mentioned app , and thereof; extending services including infrastructure changes, security monitoring services, new use designs, new library forms, reliable styles and plans, new programming dialect, et cetera. Our experts will solely be focused on ensuring flexibility capacity, global operation scalability, performance optimization of specific app, increased predictability based on functionality, and cutting down on operational costs.

Security Threat and Third Party problems

As a legal entity, we enter into legal contractual agreements with specific clients based on defined services and products offered at standardized rates. Our company will not be involved in, liable, or in any way, responsible for problems targeting your app or site. This includes; but not limited to unforeseen viruses, malware, email phishing attacks, critical hosting issues, sms problems, domain matters, or other related issues, of which might in a way prohibit, compromise, or render useless specified app at hand. Once you (as clients) pays as per our contract, company experts will focus on their roles to ensure that every bit of agreement is adhered to, and met within the agreed upon timeframe.


We agree and accept under our company sole discretion as a legal business, on a 50% upfront payment before commencement of any particular project irrespective of magnitude of task, deadlines, timelines, and milestones to be achieved as per our contract signed. As such, there are no exception to this policy that is focused on building an even ground for engagement with all clients.

Contract Delays

Fruxinfo Private Limited contract form applies to all products created and services rendered by Fruxinfo Private Limited and this includes, but not limited to Wed Development, Mobile development, E-Marketing, On page and off page SEO including link-building, guest posting, use of long tail and short tail keywords, web analysis, and other related development we engage in at all times with our partners.

Our company does not tolerate delays, nor substantiate any information in anyways. Take note that the date you signed will always be used as a reference to counter delays or anything related to the subject matter. In this regard, as per the terms of payment, if a client fails to revert within 72 hours deadline a $2 per day fee will apply without any exceptions. And, failure to honor agreement, twist legal agreement, or intentionally try to misinterpret contract, will lead to other legal measure to protect our interest.

Change of project details

In any case a client desires to increase scope of tasks after signing of the contract payment structure of the project shall be altered accordingly. A written order detailing the changes must be sent to the company before anything is discussed. Thereafter, a thorough assessment shall be undertaken on the impact of the specifics changes and specific fee will apply. In relation to the aforementioned changes, the delivery dates shall be pushed forward to cater for time. If there are major changes, clients might be asked to sign a new contract form to avoid any confusion, derails, or misunderstanding.

A client who asked for major changes will be offered a specified time to read the new proposal and either accept or reject it in written form. If rejected, our company will use the first proposal and agreement and not in anyways work on additional details therein.

If a client delays delivering vital information needed for the completion of the project, delays delivery of specific of materials, or takes many delays before approving milestones, an extension on deadline dates shall always apply.

Project cancellation

If by any means a project is cancelled after signing a contract with or without warning, no refunds will be availed to the client. It is our policy to ensure that client has all needed information upfront, of which must digested before signing an agreement with our company. And this is part of all that concern legalities involved contractual engagements, finer details draft project, and everything related to delivery and services alignments.

A project shall also be cancelled if client becomes unreachable or fails to totally communicate when the project is in progress. Further, in case a client fails to honor a series of scheduled meeting, the project will be cancelled until consistent communication between the parties involved is restored.

Resuming Project

Our company will only resume project after establishing that all terms and conditions are met, and this will apply to fee charged before and after initial commencement of the project. In all cases, our company will work to deliver the project in line with the defined terms-lest stated otherwise.

Project Rights Transfer

As of agreement between our company (Fruxinfo Private Limited and Fruxi Info) and you (client), the project rights will be fully transferred to us if the final agreed upon payments are delayed by 7 days. The source file can and will be used as a reference for other related projects per see.

It is equally important to note that we reserve the right to showcase completed project in our portfolio for customer related marketing.

Payments of each project are to be remitted in time, failure of which leads to our company retaining full rights of the project. As of bouncing bank checks, delayed ECS, or derail in remittance of funds on accepted digital payment platforms, all rights based on project shall be sole property of our company. On further or extended agreements on project, specified charges shall be applied for the release of the entire project rights to you.

Branded Projects

Our contracting party should beware that we will at all times put our business or project branding mark on completed projects. If by necessity, business measure, marketing, or legal measures you don’t need the branding then a 5% fee will be charged on the project.

Exceptions on delivery timeframes

In the event of unfavorable conditions on our end such as storms, natural calamities, internet based issues, power cuts, or cyber-attacks on our business, then projects will be delayed. However, in this particular time, all our clients will be well informed of all that is happening and projects delivered as soon as possible.

Our knowledge based products and services are delivered in a timely manner irrespective of prevailing circumstances. We, as a company, believe in legal engagement that is beneficial to mutual parties involved therein. As such, strive do to everything within the periphery of the law in order to form an even ground for robust business with our partners.