Hire Android App Development Experts

The ever growing use of mobile devices and application is steering businesses around the globe in a whole new direction. It is for this reason that android apps have become a must-have, especially for those customer-centric enterprises. You can always partner with us to develop or redesign a highly efficient and reliable android app that will add value to your business. In this case, your business will be linked to one of the most used operating systems in the world-and this means increased revenue, new opportunities, and a strong client base. At the end of the day, you become a market leader and are able to control your market share.

Technical Expertises

  1. Strong programming skills in Objective-C
  2. Understanding Cocoa Touch & COCOS 2D Framework
  3. Core Database Understanding
  4. Third Party & APNS integration
  5. Experience using social media APIs
  6. Brilliant debugging & optimization skills
Parameters Hourly Part Time Full Time
Duration Hour Basic 4 Hours 8 Hours
Hiring Period(Min) 30Hour 1 Month 2Month
Methodology Agile Agile Agile
Communication Phone, Email, Skype, Chat
Project Report Daily Report

Hire Android app Development

Our expert team is experienced in everything that is considered during the Android app development process. This includes but not limited to; best programming language to use, expert on color scheme and text communication, as well in-depth knowledge in matters that are directly related to design, interface, bitmaps, and anything in between. For this reason, you are always guaranteed of Android Apps that deliver as per your specified needs.

Our Android app development company has worked with a wide range of clients in almost, if not all industries. We can deliver as per your industry and business needs, help in maintenance and support, and also get rid of anything that will compromise apps quality. It is all about partnering with a reliable android app development company that can get your app running without glitches, ASAP!